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Discover, Track, Automate & Aggregate NFTsTokun App is a true NFT traders companion, providing the most versatile and beautiful technologies into the hands of an everyday NFT trader.View on OpenSealearn more
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About usWhy Tokun App?Data is prevalent in the NFT space, numerous tools and dashboards studied ways to provide you crucial information that can potentially help you decide on your next move, Tōkun takes this a huge leap forward. Not only do you get the necessary information you need, you also get to aggregate it, automate it, and also visualize it. Have a floor you wish to sweep but only wish to do so if it reaches a certain price? Tōkun can do it for you, no need to sign transactions, just set it up and go to bed. A true hands-free experience.
Unbeatable ToolsFinally, tools that are usefulHere are some tools and features we offer
01Portfolio & GalleryStay organized and keep all your ETH and SOL wallets in one place. View the NFT's you own alongside various statistics aggregated for you.
02Bulk ActionsWe've curated the 4 most important bulk actions for an NFT collector's experience: Bulk listing, cancelling, sweeping, and bidding.
03Mass MintingGenerate wallets, distribute funds to wallets, and automate your minting experience without ever having to mint on your favorite project's site.
But wait, there's moreTop of the line features
AnalyticsQuickly glance at your saved wallet(s) profit, spending, and liquidity. Monitor certain cryptocurrencies and NFTs.
SnipingTokun snipes any discounted listings in lightning speeds. Supporting all your favorite marketplaces and helps you snipe in your sleep.
MonitorView real time analytics of your favorited projects and customize how you wish to be notified for certain changes of the collections.
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RankingWe have our own collection rankings in place for ETH and SOL, with numerous ways to index, detect reveal, and snipe.
AlertsBe notified with our top-of-the-line automated real-time smart alerts. Configure and be notified of any price changes of your favorite collections.
Raffle AutomationMass generate and mass enter into various different raffle websites with ease. All of your raffle troubles solved in one toolbox.
Project Roadmap
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4
Phase 1Beta Testing, Outreach5/5 100% complete
Phase 1 is focused on building the presence of Tōkun and bridging with impactful projects in the NFT space. While the project starts collaborating with other projects, our team will also be performing stress tests and vulnerability tests to make sure our product is ready to be accessed upon launch. All of the product's features will be heavily tested so that we mitigate any possible bugs that can arise with hundreds of thousands of users utilizing the product.
Phase 2Mint, Expansion5/5 100% complete
Phase 2 will be focused on putting the product into Tōkun enthusiast's hands. From whitelist to mint, we will ensure that the product is readily available to all holders upon launch. While our team is focusing on the infrastructure and stability of our products, bugs are inevitable. However, the development team alongside a well trained support team will be ready to help and have our holders be on their way!
Phase 3Growth, Rewards1/5 20% complete
Phase 3 will be focused on the growth of the product, and also expanding our product to other projects. While web3 has mainly been mostly dominated with art projects, we'll begin exploring ways to partner with projects and bringing utility to them. That is to say, Tōkun access pass holders will also be heavily rewarded for holding onto their access passes.
Phase 4Value, Adaptation0/5 0% complete
While phase 4 isn't 100% clear, it is just like any cryptocurrency graph, unstable and also unknown. However, Tōkun is focused on the long term for it's holders, and will actively find ways to find value for it's holders. That is to say, we'll continue to adapt to whichever way the NFT space goes!

Of course, at no extra cost
Behind TokunMeet the teamTokun is made up of a passionate team of individuals sharing the same goal of dominating the web3 space
Ray Chiao
Founder/Project Lead
Ray ChiaoTwitter
Ray has built and led numerous SaaS businesses since 2019, while also specializing in marketing and management. Founded Koi AIO — An industry leading automation software with thousands of active subscribers.
Arnav Singhania
Founder/Backend, Infrastructure Dev
Arnav SinghaniaTwitter
Arnav is a software developer with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science. Worked for LA office of United Way, the world's largest privately funded nonprofit.After graduation, spent most of the time building Koi AIO.
Benny Zhou
Founder/UI & Web Engineer
Benny ZhouTwitter
Benny is a college student who turned his passion for entrepreneurship, finance, and design into various SaaS businesses. Founded Vectr Studios — an independent digital design agency specializing in product design/development with over 600 trusted clients.
Yousef A.
Founder/Backend Developer
Yousef A.Twitter
Yousef started coding a few years ago but took a break to focus more on school. During the COVID pandemic, started working at Koi AIO, and eventually Tokun. Enjoys playing & watching sports in free time.
Founder/Frontend Developer
Panda loves ducks and orange elephants. Specializes in front-end development and studied information communication technologies. Also watches A LOT of tennis but hates playing it.
Artem Matveev
Solidity/Backend Developer
Artem MatveevLinkedInVK
Artem is a person who doesn't just know technology, but understands it. Recently graduated with a Masters degree with skills and knowledge in development, administration and electrical engineering.
Solidity/Backend Developer
23 year-old Canadian university student, gamer, hacker. PS: Hates writing about himself
Marketing Strategist, Collaboration Lead
Utility driven, Passion for community building and growing together. Avid AMA host and love bridging projects together.
LeETH James
Community & Partnerships Manager
LeETH JamesTwitter
Worked in the sports industry working for Tennis Australia running ranking tournaments and working at the Australian Open. This has given him great insight in marketing, promoting and partnerships on a large scale.
Collaboration Lead
Ex Engineer with a bachelors degree in oil and gas Engineering. Quit my job and join the NFT space a year ago. Big fan of K-pop. All time Favorite quote "If you are good at something, never do it for free. - The Joker"
Head Administrator, Community Lead
24 year old discord nerd who spends way too much time on there. Started out as salesman for multiple years working on customer satisfaction and distribution. Managed several big discord projects with thousands of members. Now I'm full time working in the NFT space to spread my perfectionism in all possible areas.
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